Life Care Planning and
Case Management Services

BG Nurse Consultants welcomes you to its webpage. Barbara Greenfield, RN, BS, CCM, CNLCP is a consultant in private practice with an office in South Pasadena, California. Ms. Greenfield is the clinical director of BG Nurse Consultants and has over thirty years’ experience in the nursing profession.  

Ms. Greenfield is active in providing expert testimony as a Certified Life Care Planner (CNLCP). She provides expertise in assessing the long term medical care, rehabilitation, and safety needs of people who have suffered catastrophic events such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple trauma, chronic pain and other complex disease processes. 

Ms. Greenfield is an accomplished Certified Case Manager (CCM). She provides independent field case management in the realm of Workers’ Compensation. She is retained by Special Needs Trust Administrators to give assistance to their clients who have continuing complex medical issues. She provides case management service to attorneys seeking guidance for their clients during the process of litigation. Ms. Greenfield is also hired by private pay clients who require assistance with complex medical issues. 

Ms Greenfield utilizes knowledge, judgment, and skills based on the principles of nursing science.  She is an expert in the process of identifying, researching, and assessing patient needs and formulating lifetime rehabilitation plans. 

Ms. Greenfield also volunteers her time in the community acting as a preceptor for Masters level nursing students. She provides mentoring for nursing students as they learn hands-on nurse case management skills to complete requirements for clinical courses. Ms Greenfield can be contacted at her office, (626) 799-8605 or via email at Barbara@bgnurseconsultants.com.


“I have worked with Barbara Greenfield for approximately three years.  In that time she has worked with several of my clients and has had great success in improving the quality of their lives.

Barbara has the ability to see the situation, to find the best resource and to patiently move forward in helping traumatized clients and there families.”
Norine Boehmer
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara Greenfield in developing life care plans for patients with catastrophic injuries.  Ms. Greenfield exemplifies the role of a case manager by her professionalism, dedication, thoroughness and follow through.  She certainly is an asset to any case.”
H Richard Adams MD
Associate Clinical Professor UCI
Long Beach Memorial Rehabilitation Institute

“Thank you Barbara for your help and expeditious response when I needed some extra help with my client.   You quickly understood the needs and you communicated effectively to get the job done.   Your professionalism, strong clinical skills and  exceptional service has been instrumental in communicating my client’s needs to the team.” 
Lisa Vincelette, MPT
Director, Physical Injury Specialists

“My son Jose, who has suffered a severe brain injury has been a client of Barbara’s for the last two years. Barbara is both professional and people friendly. Taking care of a loved one with severe trauma is a challenge.  When I am faced with an  important decision I can call her. She is an endless source of information. I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone who’s loved one is medically fragile. She is like a sister who goes along with you to the doctor to make sure you ask the right questions and understand the answers.”
Elaine Leyva